Charles Francis – Portraits

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Portraiture can be either studio or location based, offering great variety to the end result. Outdoor location shoots are very weather dependent but can produce wonderfully unexpected results. Additionally, the resulting images can be in B+W, colour, toned or otherwise digitally enhanced. Also the choice of clothing and any necessary props are important considerations. Environmental portraits show the subject in their home or working location, given a suitable subject and location this adds enormously to the interest by revealing more than a studio photo can do. Likewise photos involving a favourite sport are always interesting and can be unusual, anything from Roller Derby to Body Painting! As you will see below, a great variety of different looks can be achieved (the blonde girl pulling the blue boat in is the same girl in the next shot who is looking at a dinner table but wearing a dark wig).

Family portraits marking birthdays or engagements are special occasions, also they make ideal presents. Model portfolios provide idealised images suitable for promotional purposes. If you are holidaying in Cornwall, why not arrange for a photosession in your favourite location, be it a beach, a cliff path, a particular cove or in your cottage?

These photographs are a mixture of my favourites, some current, some long-term but, having taken tens of thousands of pictures of hundreds of people, only a tiny proportion can be displayed. Whether you prefer traditional or contemporary photos is entirely up to you. A good portrait should be more than just a “mug-shot” and provide greater interest for the viewer making them question and look more deeply into the photo. They can be factual or fashion-based. Clothing and accessories are very important (plus, of course, make-up for the girls!). Please call to discuss your requirements. Above all, the photosession should be fun!

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